Foodtrip series: Guam

Probably one of my favorite things to do in Guam was to eat, A LOT. We did not do it on purpose, it’s just that their servings are way over board than what we’re used to. Still we ended up ordering three meals wherever we ate and ended up sharing or taking the leftovers home. Here is a rundown of the restaurants we ate at. Warning, you might get hungry after reading through this.


There are a lot of Jamaican Grill branches around Guam that is why there is no reason for you not to try it because you will be missing out if you don’t. We did not know what to expect but we were definitely overwhelmed by the amount of serving. Who wouldn’t? Look at that plate of grilled meat. We obviously has no idea it was that much because we each ordered our own grilled platter.

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This was our only fancy schmancy meal during our stay here and it was with my sister’s college classmates. We did not order a complicated dish, instead we just ordered the usual choice which is either a burger, pasta or barbecue which you can find in any ordinary restaurant in Guam because based on the places we ate, they all taste the same.

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Aside from the Jamaican Grill, the Beachin’ Shrimp is highly recommended online and of course we just had to go and try it. Before you do, you have to wait in a long line to get in. Unlike the Jamaican Grill, this is the only branch of Beachin’ Shrimp and this is along the DFS area so you can expect shoppers to line up here for lunch or dinner after their shopping spree. You should really eat here if you want to take a break from all the grilled food you had.

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They said online it’s a must try at the Chamorro Village other than their famous barbecue, of course. Since we had a heavy lunch before our visit we just had the turkey leg. I must say that this is a huge piece of turkey leg because three of us shared this one left and we weren’t able to finish it because we were stuffed.


This was our first meal during our road trip to Talofofo Falls. After a number of stops we finally decided to stop for lunch at Marina Grill which is along the way back to the city. The food kind of took long so make sure you order an appetiser especially if you’re hungry. Again, we did not expect the serving to be a lot so even though we were really hungry we still had to take home leftovers.



This was our first meal after our extreme adventure that I will share in my next blog. We sort of learned our lesson from our previous meals that servings in Guam are huge so here we ordered an appetizer and two main dishes which we successfully shared and finished. Yay! Denny’s Diner is just your usual diner where you hangout and chat with your friends. The branch we went to which was near our apartment were run by Filipinos from the cooks and waiters.


You won’t see much of Terry’s Local Food online but I would recommend eating here because the food is delish and the people are super friendly and accommodating. I wouldn’t know about this place if it wasn’t included in my sister’s itinerary. After your visit to Matapang Beach make sure to drop by and eat here. If you’re staying at a hotel along Tumon do not order room service and eat here instead.



Don’t know where to eat and what to eat? Panda Express to the rescue. Even though we know there are a lot of restaurant choices we usually find it difficult to make a decision of where and what to eat. In this case, we would usually end up eating at Panda Express because we know that we will never be disappointed.


Hungry? Me too. After putting together this blog and ending it with Panda Express, I sure am hungry. Time to eat 🙂



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