Two Lovers Point

First of all I want to apologise because it has been a month since I last posted and that is so wrong of me. At the start of the year I  said that I will make an effort to post every week and I obviously didn’t. Anyway, I hope this post makes up for it. I am actually pretty excited to share with you this experience because this tourist spot in Guam should be part of your itinerary. We thought that it was a beautiful spot to take nice photos that we visited the place twice because the second time we wanted to go during the sunset for the perfect lighting. There’s no other place to see the beauty of Guam but at the Two Lovers Point. Here are some photos so that you can see what I am talking about.

The story behind the Two Lovers Point is as beautiful as the place. Tragic but romantic, just like the story of Romeo and Juliet which we all know. I’ll just give you a summary of the story of these Two Lovers. A daughter of a wealthy family ran away after knowing that her father has arranged her to marry a Spanish captain. It was then she met and fell in love with a Chamorro warrior. Her father found out about this, was in rage and demanded her to marry the captain at once. She then ran away once again to meet the her lover at this high point. They all pursued and trap the two lovers on the edge. With no way out, it was then that they knot their long black hair together and looked deeply into each others eyes before they jumped over the cliff. Their last actions showed their commitment and love for each other.

Isn’t it romantic?

You will definitely feel the love at the Two Lovers Point ❤



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