More to Guam II: Nature and History

In this next Guam blog we will go a little further from the usual places visitors go to. These next stops offer the most stunning mountain views in Guam. If you are game to go on a long road trip then hop on. Don’t worry because this is going to be a relaxing one. Trust me. Why you ask? Scroll down and see.

Talofofo Falls – This is one of the must-sees in Guam once you Google, “things to do in Guam”. Visitors usually just check out the beaches but we wanted to check out something different and Talofofo Falls showed up in the results. There is an admission fee to enter the park but it is just fine because it is what they use to maintain the park in good condition and there is a lot to do once you enter. So what you pay is worth it.

Inarajan Natural Pool – is along the way coming from Talofofo Falls so we made a quick stop to take photos. We badly wanted to swim but unfortunately we weren’t prepared with towels and we certainly didn’t want to wet the inside of a rented car. Instead we just stayed for a bit to enjoy the fresh air. If you want to swim, you are very much welcome to. Unlike us, there were people who were prepared to swim and also had a picnic set up in the sheds available.

Random stop while looking for the Priest’s Pool. Too bad we didn’t find the Priest’s Pool because it started raining and we had to head back to the car.

Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad – this is one of the famous stops in Guam and even a historical one. This can be found on the way from Inarajan Natural Pool. This is another stop where you can get a beautiful backdrop for your photos. My sister and her fiancé definitely made the most of it.

Now you see why it’s a relaxing road trip. It is all thanks to the stunning views that you can see throughout the trip. These can all be done in one day. Feast and relax your eyes because this is a vacation after all.

Watch out for the next post. I bet you will like this one because I am taking you to the the Two Lovers Point. For now, I hope you enjoyed this one! 🙂


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