More to Guam: History + Culture + Nature

Sad to see that no one showed any love for my previous Guam post. I hope this post will make you check it out. I won’t make this a long one since I will be sharing a lot of photos instead. This post will just show what you can do and where you can go for one whole day in Guam. It will be a mix of History, Culture and Nature. I hope you enjoy and appreciate it.

Pacific War Museum – Aside from the beaches and shopping, Guam is mainly known for its role in the Pacific WWII battles between the Allied Forces and Japan. The Pacific War Museum contains artifacts and equipments used during the war and even personal belongings of the brave soldiers.

Asan Bay Overlook – This is the spot where you can get a perfect view of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park and Nat Park Asan Beach. Anything green or bue is definitely pleasing to the eyes and that is exactly what you will see from up here. It may be a long drive up but just like hiking it is worth the time.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park / Nat Park Asan Beach – Here is a closer look of everything that you saw at the Asan Bay Overlook. What we didn’t see from up there were people kitesurfing. Definitely not your ordinary pastime.

Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica – We were about to enter the Cathedral but to our surprise someone was asking for an entrance fee so we didn’t. Usually a cathedral is open to everyone but apparently this wasn’t or maybe it was just for that day.

Guam Museum – It was under construction when we went so we weren’t able to enter but the architecture is pretty cool from the outside.

Paseo De Susana Park – Before enjoying the food and entertainment at the Chamorro Village you can drop by here and enjoy the sunset or simply sit and listen to the sound of the waves.

Chamorro Village – Visiting the Chamorro Village is definitely the right way to end a day of touring. Here, you can do a little souvenir shopping but if you rather eat then eat your night away. There are endless barbecue stalls around the village so you will probably smell like barbecue at the end but I tell you they all take their barbecue seriously and damn it is good.

Hope you enjoyed this quick day tour of Guam. These aren’t the highlights of Guam yet. So you may expect more in the next couple of blogs. If you have the time go check out my previous Guam blog about Tanguisson Beach. Till the next. Much love guys!


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