Tanguisson Beach, Guam

Welcome to Guam guys! For the next few weeks you may expect blogs about our week long trip to Guam. One week is pretty long, most people will stay for 3-4 days. Guam is quite small and you can tour the whole island in just 4 days. Since we were there for one week we made sure that we went to and did everything Guam has to offer. Of course, a trip to Guam would not be complete without a visit to the beach.

You may think that we’re talking about Tumon beach because that is the best known beach in Guam but you are wrong. I want to start the Guam series with a bang so our first stop will be Tanguisson Beach. This beach is located at the same strip as Gun Beach and Tumon Beach so you may expect it to be as crystal blue and beautiful. But what I like about this beach is that it is not that crowded. If you want to have a chill and quiet session after a long day of touring, this is the best place to do that. You may have to go through a rocky road to get here but it is definitely worth it. Make sure to drop by after your visit to the Two Lovers Point.

Didn’t do much work on the photos because it doesn’t need any editing at all. What you see in the following photos is exactly what you will expect when you get there.

After driving through the unpaved road you will be welcomed by a stretch of tall palm trees. At first we thought we were lost because we did not see anyone there. We were about to turn around but then we saw one car parked at the side and two men chilling while their kids play at the beach so we knew we weren’t lost and we were safe.

Before we enjoyed the beach we took time to absorb all the beautiful scenery around us. Just look at that. I know there are a lot of beautiful beaches around the world but this might be the best one in Guam. Well, that’s just for me. Now it’s playtime.


Of course, I had to take their couple shots since they allowed me to join them again on this trip. If only I have someone special with me I would do the same but I don’t have anyone. Oh well, lol. These photos will do well in their photo album.



Instead of couple shots I get to do solos. Working it with that view as my background. I swear, every angle was so breathtaking and I had to do it for Instagram. Not that I have many followers but still, taking lots of photos will let you treasure these moments.

Playtime with the sis while looking all cute and twinning in black one-piece swimsuit.

Of course, selfies with the sis and soon to be brother-in-law. We were almost toasted enjoying and swimming at the beach.

Watch out for our next stop in Guam. This is just the beginning. For now, I hope you enjoyed this one. Much love!




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