A Day at the ArtScience Museum

As you all know and as I’ve mentioned in my recent blogs, I’ve been to Singapore numerous times and during those visits I have never been to the ArtScience Museum because the exhibits have admission fees. So I never bothered. Thanks to Instagram that all changed after discovering the Future World exhibit and that is also how my friends discovered the museum, through my Instagram posts. The part of the exhibit that caught my attention was the Space exhibit which you will see at the end. Now, let’s go through the exhibit one by one.

First stop was the Nature exhibit. We first entered a room filled with flower and tree-like visuals that were projected in all 5 sides. It was pretty awesome during my first time but it is true what they say in the website about the installations changing and evolving overtime to keep it fresh and relevant because when I visited again with a friend who wanted to check out the museum this room had a different installation. It became more like a minute long bird show and I tell you it was really cool. They make you stand and stay still in the middle so there’s nothing much you can do but once the show starts you will feel the movement because it will make you feel like you’re part of the installation and will make you feel like you’re flying along with the birds. That’s how awesome it is. There is also another room with projected visuals of the ocean but sadly I can’t show you any photo because that is the room where I just sat down and relax with calm music playing in the background while you stare at the ocean.


Next stop is the Town. Once you’re done relaxing in Nature you get in this room and everything is like an interactive playground where kids not only enjoy but adults too. I sure did had fun here playing and coloring. You see the two photos below, that is an interactive virtual wall art where visitors can participate and be part of building the town. You see the sleighs, buildings, cars, jelly fish, turtles etc. that is projected on the screen? That is all done by the visitors of the ArtScience Museum. There are tables where you can start coloring as you please with the drawings and crayons provided. Once done you just bring it over to the scanner and voila! Your art is part of the installation. I was amazed by the process and it made me feel like a kid again seeing your drawing/coloring come to life that quick.




Now let’s move from the busy Town and play at the Park. This part will be so much fun for the kids because here they can interact and play with other kids. It was a beautiful scene to witness because we would usually see kids outside these days playing with their tablets and their parents letting them be but here they are just playing with other kids and even playing with their parents. Here you can appreciate playing not with your digital devices but with other human beings because that is all what playing is about, interaction with others.


Last but not the least, let’s go to Space. You will clearly see that this part was my favorite from all the photos we’ve taken. We spent a lot of time taking photos and additional time choosing what star to create next. It was actually at the end of the exhibit or runway where we noticed that there is a machine/tablet at the side that let’s you choose and create a star which is part of the installation. We sure were lucky that there were only a few people there so we were able to get some cool shots. Scroll down to see if it’s cool enough for you. The exhibit will definitely make you feel you’re walking in space. As people start to crowd and you can’t get the perfect time to take a photo, just sit down at the end of the room and watch the exhibit from afar. The movement of the lights and how the sound flows along with that movement will relax you and just simply doing that will make you enjoy and appreciate the installation. Trust me, do it, because it won’t take you 10 minutes to get that Instagram shot so might as well enjoy it while waiting.


That is the end of our Future World Journey. I will just give you one tip if you want to really enjoy and get that winning shot, make sure you do not visit during peak days. I bet even on weekdays there will be tourists but visiting on weekends that means tourists and locals so that’s twice as many people.

We can’t end there just yet. After the museum, of course we have to eat. Another spot I want to share with you is the Botanist Restaurant. This place is hard to find but I just had to check this hip place out. They serve unique and flavorful dishes so it definitely wouldn’t disappoint especially if you’re a foodie. Plus, it is a beautiful place to hangout with your friends for brunch or just for coffee.

Wouldn’t end this post without an outfit post. Got to sneak this in because I have to say I love my outfit here. I don’t usually dress like this especially in the Philippines because if you commute around looking like this they will give you “the look” and more chances of men catcalling you. So I decided to pull this outfit off in Singapore where it is a commute-friendly place and that gives you the chance of not looking weird being overdress.


Till next time guys. Don’t worry, this is the last Singapore blog (for now) and we’re moving on to Guam 🙂 To more adventures!



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