Central Perk in Singapore

Hey guys! I’m back again. Sorry it took some time. Just got back from a weeklong vacation with my family and that means I get to add and share more content with you here in my blog. I try to keep my post in the order of the events so I am still behind because what I’m posting now happened on the last day of 2016.

I often visit Singapore because my sister is currently based there so when it’s the holidays I fly to Singapore to be with her. That’s what my parents want and that what I also want because it sucks to be alone during the holidays.

Since it’s my fifth or sixth time in Singapore, I basically been to all the touristy spots but knowing Singapore they always have something new happening and when I heard that a Central Perk Cafe opened I just had to visit.

I am a big FRIENDS fan and I have watched it a lot of times. When I need a feel good show to watch I simply watch Friends because it just makes me laugh. I know that I’m not the only one who feels that way. If you visit the cafe they will be playing Friends all day just to give you the full experience.

Feeling at home outside Central Perk while watching Friends and enjoying our coffee like how the gang always do.

I made sure I took a photo in every corner of the cafe. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo on the famous couch because it’s for members only. They said you can take a photo op but I was too shy because there were a lot of people watching so i just took a photo of it.

Once you see the food and beverage menu you will notice the very well thought of names. They made sure that it is connected to the series and the characters but after that you will also notice that it is really pricey. Good thing we already had lunch so we decided to just order coffee.

Before you leave the cafe, make sure you stop by Monica’s house/kitchen and play foosball. If you have cash you can buy some merchandise as well.

Additional photos of famous Singapore spots at night. Here are some colourful places to check out after having coffee at Central Perk. Singapore sure is lit at night.

I know it’s too late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To more travel and adventure in 2017. I hope your 2017 is going great so far. Much love! 🙂



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