Guimaras Island

Before I go for another week long vacation I wanted to post another blog about my short Iloilo trip. I already posted about our first stop which was Mararison Island next let’s go to Guimaras Island.

This island is the most accessible from Iloilo City, it’s just a 15-minute boat ride so you can expect people from the city to come here often for a quick beach getaway. But before that we went for a quick stop at Deco’s to have some La Paz Batchoy for breakfast. I read that it’s a must do in Iloilo City.

After the boat ride to the port you may have to take a tricycle to get to your accommodation. We decided to stay at Alobijod Cove because they had reasonable rates and once you step out you are already at Alubihod Beach where most of the resorts are actually located. The tricycle ride might take long to get there but the place is worth it if you want to have a fun and restful day by the beach.

We didn’t do much when we got to Guimaras Island. We did not get to do an island or land tour. We figured that it was getting late so we chose to stay and enjoy the beach resort. We still had another day tomorrow to do a quick tour.

We did get to do a quick tour the next day, believe it or not and that’s thanks to our tricycle driver. We did not go that far and we just stopped by some tourist places along our way to the port. We stopped by the Trappist Monastery to say a short prayer and gave a small offering. This is also where we got to buy “pasalubongs” like mango biscocho. Actually, you will find everything mango there. Of course, Guimaras is well-known for its mangoes but sadly it wasn’t mango season during our visit.

Even though it wasn’t its peak season we still checked out the Mango Researched Center out of curiosity and as expected there weren’t any mangoes growing out or falling off any tree but seeing all the trees lined up, I can only the number of sacks or boxes they can fill up with fresh mangoes and that will be a beautiful site in this island. Before we headed back to the city our last stop was the smallest plaza where we had a quick photo. It sure was small.

Since our last day fell on a Sunday we made sure we went for mass and of course we heard mass at the Jaro Cathedral which is known as a historical landmark. We missed out on a lot of city spots to attend mass but it was okay because during our walk and jeep ride we got to pass by and see some of those tourist spots that we initially listed down in our itinerary. We weren’t able to take photos but it was all good.

A trip to Iloilo city would not be complete without a visit to the famous Biscocho Haus where we (more like Ai) hoarded a lot of biscocho and toasted mamon as pasalubong to our family and friends back in the city. After tasting the toasted mamon back home I wanted more. I prefer it more than the famous biscocho. Don’t get me wrong, I like it both and I ate what I bought for a week as my daily breakfast. Just pair it with coffee and your morning will be complete.

We made it! We actually survived our trip together. With no clue of how to get around we were able to get from one place to another and it sure was a memorable trip for the both of us. Little girls no more 🙂


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