Mararison Island

Now let’s go back to the Philippines. Our next stop is Iloilo with my friend, Ai. We always planned to go out of town and so when we spotted a Cebu Pacific promo we just grabbed it. We wanted to go to a lot of cities but we decided to go to Iloilo since we both haven’t been there yet.

When preparing our itinerary, one of our friends who was supposed to join us told us to go to Mararison Island which is a 4-5hr drive from Iloilo City. We discovered when we got there that it is actually closer and faster if you’re coming from Kalibo or Boracay which was a wrong move for us but we never knew we we’re going to Mararison because we also wanted to go to Gigantes. Since our time there won’t let us do both because of the road trip hours we had to choose only one island.

After arriving early in Iloilo City we went straight to the terminal where there will be vans that will take us to Culasi, Antique. It sure was a long drive but at least we got some sleep before our day in the island. The van dropped us at Culasi Port where there were boats that will bring us to the island. We arrived at around 11am which is late if we want to share the boat with other travellers. We ended up paying the boat for just the 2 of us which is a total Php 1,500 roundtrip. It is not all that bad. Of course we could have saved some money if there were other people joining us but we were too late.


We settled in our accommodation at Arjee’s Homestay and then explored the island a bit. Fyi, there are a lot of homestays in the island so when you get there you are most likely to find a place to stay. When you are at the beach you are most likely to take a lot of photos and that’s exactly what we did. The part I like about taking beach photos is that when you get tired you can just chill at the beach after, which we also did. The place was so quiet and calm that we fell asleep on the sand.


I know that I was going to enjoy this island because aside from the beach we also have the option to trek for the perfect sunset view.  Since there is nothing much to do in the island, we went ahead and hiked. We first looked for a tour guide so we won’t get lost and we were lucky enough to get a cool one who knew the best trail to take for the best view and experience.


Our first stop, still a long way to go.


View of Nablat Islet. It was almost sunset so we just did a quick stop here and continued our hike to the top to wait for the sunset.


On our way to the top, the 360 view was just stunning. Who knew this small island had all of these to offer.


You cannot miss the sunset view.

If you decide on visiting this island after reading this blog, go ahead but remember it is better if you’ll be coming from Kalibo. Enjoy!


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