Foodtrip series: Sydney

Experimenting with a new series for the blog and this time it’s all about FOOD. I am no food critic but I have (preferred) taste. When it comes to food I also consider the restaurant and it’s ambience because when I’m with my friends or family we tend to stay for a long time in a restaurant so we make sure when we do, we look for a place that is comfy and homey. I am not saying that I only eat out at restaurants, I also love food court food especially if it has huge servings and is affordable. Of course it should taste good. Moving forward, here is a list of the restaurants we went to and the food we ate.


The name of the restaurant speak for itself. When we were in Sydney we were certain that we wanted to check out Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. We always watch his cooking shows and we always wonder how his cooking or his food taste like and so we did not want to miss this chance. Well, he did not personally cook it for us but it’s good enough.

FOOD. The food is great and is just what I expected from Jamie Oliver. All what we ordered was really good and my favourite was the pasta because it was just so tasty and you just know that the pasta was made from scratch.

PRICE. It’s all I expected because of the quality and the name”Jamie Oliver” written all over it. He is a famous chef so you ought to expect it to be pricey but all I can say is that you get what you pay for and that is QUALITY.

AMBIANCE & SERVICE. Once you enter the restaurant you get a cozy feel away from the busy city and you are welcomed and served by their (too) friendly staff.



The Lookout has a lot of restaurant choices inside but we chose the Milkbar which is more within our budget and our taste. We were so hungry after the 2hr trip that we just needed comfort food.

FOOD. At first we did not expect the serving to be big and generous but it was and it very much satisfied our hunger. I only ordered the wrap but was able to taste what my sister and her fiancé ordered and the photo you see above looks as good as it taste.

PRICE. I mentioned that their serving was so generous and we did not expect it at all. We initially chose this place because the food at the counter looks good and is within our budget so we did not expect much. At the end, it exceeded our expectation in terms of taste and price.

AMBIANCE & SERVICE. I won’t say much about the ambiance because the photo speaks for itself. That’s why it’s called the Lookout, it’s because of the mountain views. It can’t get better than this because the view just makes you want to enjoy it and take a hike after eating.



Throughout our whole trip, Hunter & Barrel was our only fine dining experience and it was my official birthday treat to my sister and her fiancé. We did not plan to eat here, we just saw that it had great reviews online. At first we did not want to enter after seeing the menu and price but the exteriors of the restaurant just caught my attention and pulled me in the restaurant. There was no backing out as the waiter welcomed us and had us seated.

FOOD. Beautifully plated and cooked (obviously). The taste was of quality ingredients and unique for me because I don’t usually eat in fine dining restaurants of this kind.

PRICE. Is no joke, costly but you most definitely get the fine dining experience you are looking for. After this experience we stuck to budget meals/food.

AMBIANCE & SERVICE. Out of all the restaurants we’ve been to in Sydney (which is not a lot) this is the only restaurant where I loved ambiance from the exterior to the interior. The service was also great. Maybe it was because we came in even before lunch and we were their first customers.




Mira Japanese can be found just across the Manly Wharf. During the 30-minute ride we looked for a place where we can have lunch because we were hungry after all the shipping we did in the city. We came across this restaurant online and it had good reviews so might as well try it. Luckily they were still open for lunch before they close to prepare for dinner.

FOOD. Spot on. Satisfied our craving for Japanese. In terms of serving, it sure was a lot compared to what they showed in their menu and that is why when they brought our order to table we were surprised because we ordered a lot for three. So we ended taking home the noodles we ordered.

PRICE. I honestly forgot the price of the food here because it honestly doesn’t matter when you’re famished. It also did not matter after eating and paying the bill because we enjoyed the food.

AMBIANCE & SERVICE. They were about to close when we got there so it was really kind of them to accept more customers even though we know that they have to prepare for dinner. The service was quick and the waiter was very accommodating to the point he volunteered to take our photo. I think he is used to it because people nowadays want to document everything and I am very much guilty of that.

Mall food court options

Upper left – Random Thai restaurant in Bondi Junction near our Airbnb

Upper right – Unique Patisserie, Katoomba

Bottom left – Crafty Cuts (food court)

Bottom right – Gourmet Wrap (food court)

Most of the time we ate at food courts because we can’t afford to eat at restaurants every day. We also cook our own food for dinner since the malls are closed at 6pm. The food courts helped us a lot especially during times we did not know where and what we want to eat. We just step in a mall food court and there will be a variety of food choices and the problem ends there. Can I just mention? The front counters of each food concessionaire looks so enticing that it will make it difficult for your to choose what to eat because you would want to try EVERYTHING.


I think this is the first blog where I blabbed a lot. Sorry for that. I guess I just get too excited talking about food. If you want more of the food series, give this post a thumbs up. My fashion diary series received positive response and that made me decide to experiment on different kind of post for my readers to appreciate.

Okay, enough blab and more posting. Enjoy guys! 🙂



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