Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk

I’m back guys 🙂 Sorry it took some time after my last blog post. I’ve been mostly booked every weekend of February and March (except for today). That’s why I’m here, back with another Sydney blog series. Yes, we’re still in Sydney but don’t worry this will be the last stop of our trip. We did save the best for last, Coogee to Bondi Beach walk.

There was no way we could have missed this because it’s BONDI BEACH. Whoever and whenever someone or anyone even visits Sydney they have to and will go to Bondi Beach. What way to better enjoy it and how we chose to enjoy it was to take a long walk all the way from Coogee Beach. It was a really long walk and we did have the choice to commute from one beach to another but what fun is that right? So let’s start walking…

Coogee Beach

What I noticed about Coogee Beach is that all the activities happens there. From beach volleyball, frisbee, surfing (of course), all kinds of entertainment to picnics and barbecue parties. Everything was just going on there and I absolutely love seeing a lot of people just enjoying the simple outdoors rather than spending their time and money in the mall. I guess that’s just what I am used to seeing here in Manila that’s why it’s fascinating to me witnessing this kind of scenario and culture.

Clovelly Beach

Next, we had a long stop over at Clovelly Beach and it’s because of the rock formation you can see in the photos above. It was mostly because we took a lot of time and effort to get a perfect shot on this spot but it was also because pausing, watching and listening to the waves crash on the rocks is very calming while sitting on the edge and taking in the cool breeze. I just wanted to cue in the song Oceans by Hillsong United then it will be the perfect location to shoot a music video. Still, it was the perfect and quiet place and time to reflect.

Bronte to Tamarama Beach

After Clovelly, we passed by, which seems to be a lot of beaches but apparently it was just two, Bronte and Tamarama Beach. Just like the others, you will see people relaxing, conversing and playing outdoors but there were lesser people. While walking we saw people sitting and lying on the sand, the grass or the rocks simply watching and listening to the waves and to the people their with. No phone in hand to check their social media accounts or to take photos of whatever.  They were fully focused on the moment while I too was doing the same, I was also observing them.

Bondi Beach

Our last stop was Bondi Beach. By the time we got to Bondi we were so tired we had to take our shoes off and head to the beach where the sand and water was cold. No surprise there. What could we expect the weather was cold but still after the 6km walk we knew we achieved something and it was and it still is a memorable experience. Before heading to the bus stop or the parking lot you will see a line up of graffiti art. So you can’t leave just yet because you have to take a photo of/with at least one or even all.

Honestly, I am not sure which beach is which. All I know is that we started from Coogee beach and ended at Bondi beach. But I am sure that along the way we stopped over Clovelly, Bronte and Tamarama Beach because I Googled it. If you do get to visit Sydney do not miss the opportunity to go and take this beach walk. It sure is a long walk but I promise you it is worth the time and effort once you see the beauty of nature and people along the way.


Till next blogs 🙂 Next ones, will be (sort of) special. It will still be about Sydney but this time it will be about the food and my OOTDs during our trip. It won’t be the usual travel posts but I hope you watch out for it after you enjoy this one.



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