Manly Beach

A trip to Australia won’t be complete without a trip to the beach. Yes, everyone would say go to Bondi Beach and of course we did but we also went to Manly Beach which is just a quick ferry trip. In Circular Quay you will see the ferry’s lined up and that’s where you should go, as easy as that. The ferry trip to Manly Beach will also give you lovely views of the city, a closer look of the Harbour Bridge and a different angle of the Opera House. Come join us on our day trip to Manly Beach.

The views during the ferry ride. It gets better at night, on the way home. But first, let’s get to Manly Beach first.

Arriving Manly Ferry Wharf and a quick visit to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. Compared to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, we got a closer look of the sharks here because the aquarium was smaller.

Lunch at a restaurant we saw that was highly recommend online and it definitely did not disappoint. Serving was surprisingly generous and food was delicious.

Walking to Manly Beach.

Since it was kind of cold, you wouldn’t see a lot of people surfing. Instead, you will see a lot of people just hanging out on the beach, talking, having their snacks and just playing.

The walk to Shelly Beach. It wasn’t necessary to walk all the way to Shelly Beach but we simply wanted to enjoy the view and the surroundings. I saw a lot of houses while we were walking and how I wish I was living in one of those houses right next to the beach, with the crashing waves as music to my ears and stepping out of the house to a trail where you can walk or jog every morning or after work with that kind of view.

View from Shelly Beach

The ride back to the city. This is one way to enjoy the city lights. I told you the view for better at night.

I am not that much of a talker or storyteller but I do hope you enjoyed the photos 🙂




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