Blue Mountains, Katoomba

If someone knows me really well, they’d know that I’d prefer to spend a day, even my birthday on the mountains or at the beach or even at a nice restaurant with my friends rather than go on shopping spree or buy an expensive gadget. So during our week in Sydney my sister made sure she scheduled our trip to Blue Mountains on my birthday because she knows that this is my type of adventure. We also make sure that during our out of the country trips we go and do these kind of outdoor activities because it’s refreshing and we get to see the other side of the country we’re currently in.

The beautiful views, the cool weather, the experience and the company made our day at Katoomba and my 23rd birthday a memorable one.

Catch the train from Sydney’s Central Station to Katoomba

In just two hours get down at Katoomba station and from there you can easily find your way to the Three Sisters.

Once you get down the bus, take a few steps and this is the kind of view that will be welcoming you. Simply stunning. We get so used to the city with all the buildings and the hustle and bustle that once in a while we need a break from those and crave for this kind of scenery. That’s why I love these kind of adventures, it helps me slow down and reminds me to take a deep breath.

It was almost lunch time when we got there so before we went for the Three Sisters walk  we had lunch at the Milk Bar which is one of the food choices at the Lookout. You can find it near the bus stop where you are dropped off when you go to see the Three Sisters.

After lunch, we started the nature walk by taking the trail that leads to the Three Sisters Bridge seen above. Along the way there will be stops and spots for photo opportunities so don’t miss that out. Once you get to the bridge there will be lots of people trying to take photos so once you get the chance of having the place all to yourself make sure you quickly snap a photo because eventually people will be coming. Luckily we did, after how many tries and around 30 minutes to an hour.

Then off we go along the Scenic Walk. We wanted to walk all the way to Scenic World which is at the other end but we ran out of time and energy. The trail was longer than we expected but it was worth it.

Instead we ended here, our last stop where we were able to sit down and take a break. Really felt sorry for my sister and soon to be brother-in-law that I dragged them in to this kind of outdoor activity but I think they’ve gotten used to it.

While waiting for our scheduled train back to Sydney we decided to walk around town and have coffee. Most of the shops were closed so we ended up at a cafe with a trip advisor sticker outside their door. We just gave it a try knowing that it was endorsed by Trip Advisor. Then we headed back home to our Airbnb in Sydney.

It was a beautiful day and a memorable birthday. It was all thanks to my sister, for knowing me so well, for being game in doing things that I like and for just making everything possible.

Enjoy guys 🙂


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