Sydney Opera House

Hey guys 🙂 it has been on a long break since my last post. For you info, I just got back from a week long vacation in Guam and went straight to settling back home and back to work. Now that I have a lot to share, I’ve got to get back on track again with my blog posts.

In my recent post I shared the places where you can enjoy the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge but another tourist spot that shouldn’t be missed is the Sydney Opera House. Well, you are most likely to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House at the same time and day because it’s just across each other and both are equally beautiful whether during a good day or a breezy evening.

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

While walking from the Royal Botanic Gardens

From the train station or the CBD area

While walking on the Harbour Bridge

From the Manly ferry during dusk/night time

Steps of the Opera House (feeling like it’s the MET steps and I am Blair Waldorf)

Details of the Opera House


View from our Airbnb


Across Luna Park

Till next Sydney post 🙂 Yes, I’m still in the Sydney series and it’s still a long way till i get to my Guam travel posts.


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