A stroll around Sydney

When we went to Sydney, my sister had an itinerary on hand and we intend to follow it no matter how much I’d like to just go with the flow. When travelling, I like to explore and get lost a bit but I figured since we’re in Sydney for just a week might as well follow the itinerary so that we won’t miss out on anything.

Strolling along the streets of Sydney we realised that everything we wanted to see was near each other. We’d usually take the train, get off a station and just do a lot of walking. It’s true, walking is the best way to discover a city. Tiring but fulfilling knowing that at the end of the day you enjoyed every minute of it. The cool weather in September was also a plus  which we very much enjoyed while walking.

Instead of posting separate blogs of all the places we went to and stumbled upon, which is a lot btw, I just thought of putting it all together in this post. Btw, we did not go to all of these places in a day. These happen in different days and these are the places you will see if you simply hop off the train station and take a walk.

Law Courts, Philip Street – here you will see a lot of men and women in suits having coffee, taking a call, lunch meetings and just being busy. You will also see some having a breather/break.

Hyde Park Barracks and the Irish Famine Memorial – we missed the free walking tour so we just went around on our own. I’d highly suggest not to miss a free walking tour because duh, it’s FREE and of course, you’d get to learn from the local tour guide and meet other tourist. I was disappointed we missed that.

Australian Museum – this was part of our itinerary but we didn’t enter the museum because there was admission. We figured to go somewhere else instead.

Martin Place – no matter how busy this place looks like, I actually like walking around this area and people-watch. Kind of freaky if you see me just randomly watching people around me but I discovered that they like hanging outside with a colleague or a friend during lunch breaks or even office hours, conversing instead of being glued to their phones. I tell you, it was refreshing to watch.

Royal Botanic Garden – best place to take a stroll, sit down under a tree and read a book, jog, have a picnic, do yoga. You name it, I saw all those going on in here on our way to the Sydney Opera House.  Want to relax on a Sunday morning, you got to go here.

Central Railway Station, Haymarket, St. Andrew’s Cathedral and Town Hall – remember when I mentioned at the beginning that we’d usually get off a station and just walk, that’s what we did here when we got off Central Station and we stumbled upon all these places. Awesome right? We later on ended up at Queen Victoria Building.

Queen Victoria Building – yup, this is a shopping centre with a lot of beautiful details inside and outside. We didn’t go shopping because the stores looked so posh we didn’t have the guts to enter any of it. So we just walked arounf and admire the intricate and exceptional work done to this building

State Theatre, Market Street – On our way to The Rocks which is still quite far from here we made a quick stopover at the State Theatre to figure out which way to go. We didn’t watch a play or show but I saw photos of the inside and I wish I got to watch a show on those clean and expensive-looking seats which I figured makes the tickets expensive as well, so maybe next time.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia – free admission therefore we entered before heading off to the Observatory Hill. There were exhibits that were interactive which I like so I very much enjoyed it.

The Rocks and The Observatory Hill – another spot where you can enjoy the view of the Harbour Bridge which I already shared in my previous blog. Aside from that this is also another spot where you can have a picnic like we witnessed with a group of friends.

Glebe Market – in my opinion, this is one of the weekend market you have to visit while in Sydney. I didn’t get to The Rocks Market (too bad) so I’d go with the Glebe Market on this just because it is up to my liking. What I enjoyed the most are the secondhand clothes that were very much on trend and of course, cheaper.

Birkenhead Outlet Point Centre, Drummoyne – we got information from a friend that there was an outlet mall nearby so when we got the time we did a little shopping after all the activities we did in Darling Harbour.

Woah guys, I just did a pretty long blog post right there. Feeling inspired and determined to make this blog work. Hopefully, eventually, I will be confident enough to share this with my family and friends. For now, whoever is reading this, enjoy 🙂


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