Sydney Harbour Bridge

Happy New Year guys! 🙂 This 2017 I shall practice writing/storytelling through the blog and of course photography.

Just a heads up guys. Expect a lot of photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which explains the blog title.

When we planned our Sydney trip we were certain that we wanted to see the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge but we did not expect to encounter it numerous times and get a view of it from different places we visited. Still, I took a lot of photos of it no matter how many times I saw it.

Here is a run down of where you can admire the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

From the Sydney Opera House

From the Observatory Hill

From Luna Park

From Manly ferry at sunset

Of course we did not end our trip without crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It would have been better if we actually walked on top and had a 360 view of Sydney but that will cost us too much we might not have anything to eat the next few days we had left but still it was fun and we did a lot of stops to take photos. We also wanted to go to Luna Park so instead of taking the train we just walked which is totally fine because one of the things we liked doing in Sydney was walking because there is just so many things to see that you wouldn’t want to miss and I guess the cool weather made it a beautiful day to just go for a stroll.

Walk along the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Till next blog. Enjoy! :)x


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