St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney

Hi again guys! This is part 2 of my Sydney series. I initially planned to post all the places you can see near and around Hyde Park but I realised that I have some pretty awesome shots of St. Mary’s Cathedral that I decided to give it’s own blog post.

I mentioned in my first blog that on our first day in Sydney all we did was settle in our Airbnb and attend mass. In our family it is important that we attend Sunday mass to simply reflect and thank God for the week that went by and all the blessings we received, and that’s just what we did when we arrived. I personally feel good going to church at the start or end of any trip because it gives me time to thank God for bringing us safe to our destination and to thank Him for giving us the opportunity to travel because it really is a blessing to get to travel and see the world.

When I mean “pretty awesome” shots at the beginning, I mean pretty awesome for me, for my taste so please do not expect. It is not those kind of photos taken by a professional photographer or edited to create a cool dramatic effect but I am learning. For now, I do hope you enjoy and like the photos I took of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

img_7093St. Mary’s Cathedral in the evening

img_7177dsc_9396The Cathedral from the back

img_7179dsc_9402img_7184Main/front entrance

img_7100img_7107Inside during and after Sunday Mass

dsc_9504View from the Sky Eye Tower

What makes the photos really attractive is the beautiful details of St. Mary’s Cathedral and thanks to that I did not have to do much editing to it. I saw in Google that whenever there’s a feast or celebration the Cathedral is decorated and lit up according to the occasion, which I can imagine will be magical seeing in real life. At least now, I have a reason to go back to Sydney.

This will be my last blog for 2016. So to more travels in 2017.

Cheers! Spread the love guys and be kind :)x


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