Hyde Park, Sydney

Hi guys! This is my first blog on our Sydney trip last September for my birthday so this officially starts the Sydney series.

I want to start off with the Hyde Park which we technically visited first when we arrived because we attended mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral. We did not enjoyed the park at first because it was too dark and we were starving after mass. That was when we surprisingly discovered that malls, (some) restaurants, food courts and offices closes at 6pm which is a shock for us coming from the Philippines and Singapore where the mall closes at 9/10pm.

Moving forward, we then visited the park the next day because it was really part of our itinerary. Here is a quick tour of the park 🙂

If you are coming from Martin’s Place or St. James you will encounter the Archibald Fountain first.


View of the Archibald Fountain from the Sydney Eye Tower


Archibald Fountain and beside it is the St. Mary’s Cathedral

Just right behind the fountain you will see the fig-lined avenue that stretches until the ANZAC War Memorial.



Fig-lined avenue along the park


View of the ANZAC War Memorial from the Sydney Eye Tower




ANZAC War Memorial


Sandringham Gardens


If you noticed in most of the photos you will see that there are benches almost everywhere in the park and that is exactly what I love about it, you can chill anywhere you want. You can actually sit on the steps or on the grass because it’s clean and people choose to keep it clean, kudos to them. This park may be surrounded by skyscrapers and people in suits rushing to their meetings but despite all that they can just go to the park and breathe some fresh air during their lunch break or whenever they need it. They can read a book, get some inspiration just by walking around the park or from people-watching.

I hope you like the photos. Did some simple editing to it. Enjoy :)x


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