Astoria Palawan

Just to give you a brief background on how we ended up here. We were in Boracay for my birthday vacay and while we were there we signed up as a member of Astoria. Part of the freebie is a 3 days 2 nights stay in Astoria Palawan which is their latest development aside from the one in Ortigas, Boracay and Bohol.

We got to the resort and on one side there were still construction going on but that did not bother us because their room did not disappoint. It was really spacious, colourful, relaxing, and homey, just the right size for a family of four. It is not the typical hotel but more of like a condo. We wanted to spend more time in the resort and try out all the facilities it has to offer that we ended up not going to the Underground River but since we are now a member of Astoria it won’t be that difficult to come back again.

Speaking of their facilities, it literally has everything that a family needs during a vacation. Well, aside from the beachfront pool they have a karaoke room, game room, bikes, kayaks and paddle boards which you can use for free. They also have movie nights by the pool and their restaurant serves delicious and affordable food.

My family rarely gets together for a vacation because we are all working and living in different countries so we needed this vacation and thank you to Astoria Palawan for making it a fun and relaxing first experience for my family.


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