Mount Pinatubo


This is my second time to hike Mt. Pinatubo but this time it was with my closest girlfriends. The hike we took was shorter than my first time since they had the budget to fix the trail for the 4x4s to easily pass. It was only 2km from the start of the trail all the way to the crater. Nothing that exciting because during my first time we did the 7km trail which is a huge difference to this one but I still got tired doing the 2km and it was more relaxing to know you won’t go through the other 5km.

If it’s your first time to hike Mt. Pinatubo I would recommend to do the 7km trail (if you can) to enjoy the whole experience but if you choose to do the 2km trail and all you really want is to see the Mt. Pinatubo Crater then still go for it. Mount Pinatubo is a nice way to warmup if you want to make hiking your new hobby. Once you did it you can start going to other mountains to see the true beauty of the Philippines (outside Manila).


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