An escape from the city

*Super late post but I think I have to blog about this place

During every work week we all dream of places we can escape to and plan out-of-town trips whether it is a staycation, at the beach or high up on the mountains there will always be a day we just want to get away from the city. This resort I will share with you in this blog is the best example.

Turi Beach Resort is a ferry away from Singapore and it is located in Batam, Indonesia. I do not work in Singapore but I often visit since my sister is working and has a place there. It so happens that I chose to watch One Direction’s On the Road Again Tour in SG so I will be flying all the way to SG from the Philippines for the third time. So my sister thought that since I have already been to the tourist spots in SG why not go somewhere else where we both can enjoy for the first time and so she found this place off the internet (We even got a discount from one of those deal grocer sites. Not sure which one exactly because a lot of the sites offer this deal. In the same site you can also score a deal for the ferry ride to the resort)

Honestly, we did not expect much since we were both fully aware that we got this as a discount voucher so we did not want to expect too much. When we got to the resort lobby we immediately got a good feeling about this place and when we got a closer look we were in awe of the whole resort and its facilities – the two swimming pool areas with cottages situated around where you can just chill, enjoy the view or read a book, the clean and relaxing room (not included in the gallery but trust me it will exceed your expectations) and most definitely the “IG-worthy” location spots.

Next time, when you are on a tight budget but want to take a break and enjoy the weekend, watch out for any deal grocer opportunities out there because you’d never know what you can get out of those purchases but again DO NOT expect too much because in some cases you literally get what you pay for. Let these places surprise you on their own.



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